Has Your Concrete Seen Better Days?

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Our polyurethane foam injection process is a cost-effective, non-invasive alternative to
concrete replacement. The foam is injected beneath the concrete slab, expanding to lift
and level it, and hardens into a strong, durable material that provides long-lasting support

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Steps To Raising Your Concrete:

Steps To Raising Your Concrete:

Most concrete raising jobs will take a few hours - start to finish - and your concrete will be ready for use immediately
upon completion!

Step 1) Injection holes are strategically drilled around the areas where the concrete requires lifting.

Step 2) Once everything is prepped and the equipment and materials are in place, polyurethane foam is injected through the holes. It expands to fill the space underneath the concrete slab, using the slab itself to drive the foam into the crevices, which lifts the concrete back to its original position.

Step 3) Once the concrete is lifted and stabilized, the injection holes are filled with new cement, allowing your surface to be used immediately.

Polyurethane concrete raising uses a foam material that is injected under the slab. When the components are mixed, a reaction causes the material to expand. This expanded foam fills voids underneath the slab and raises the concrete. This permanent material won't lose density and only weighs about 4 lbs. per cubic foot.

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